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Nitrification probiotics capsule( for Koi & Ponds)

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Origin:United States
Specification:It' s especially suitable for Koi ponds and landscape garden ponds.

1. With abundant bacteria, various bacteria work together and completely decompose the water waste.
2. BIOZYM contain more organism species, and the aquatic ecological environment established is very stable and less susceptible to be changed in the external environment.
3. Add enzyme into the bacteria in order to decompose the waste thoroughly and effectively.
4. Adopt unique microencapsulation processing technology, bacteria are activated quickly and have longer shelf life.
5. Contain denitrifying bacteria, nitrogen in water can eventually be converted into inorganic nitrogen and released into air so as to completely resolve the accumulation of NO3 in water and meanwhile prevent the breeding of algae.
6. It' s helpful for fish improving immunity and brightening body color with varieties of trace elements and nutritions.
7. High contents of available active bacteria, per gram content is above 50 billion ( 5× 1011CFU/ g) , which is more than 10 times of other general similar products.


1. You can directly put BIOZYM into the filter-tank or aquaria and let it voluntarily dissolve, or unclose the gelatin capsule to directly, then put the powder medicine into the filter-tank or aquaria.
2.We suggest you to put BIOZYM into the filer-tank to avoid it to be devoured by fish.
3.The using dosage and cycle can be proprietarily increased or reduced according to water quality condition.

First using of the products, Building the new tank, Changing water, Disinfection, Diseases treatment:
5 capsules/ each time for each cubic meter of water

Daily treatment: 1time for every 10days:
3capsules/ each time for every cubic meter of water


1. It could not be used with bactericide at the same time. If bactericide is used, this product can only be used after 3-5days.
2. After using BIOZYM, it' s the normal phenomenon when you see shortly muddy in the water bodies, water bodies will be more clear and transparent lately.
3. After using BIOZYM, it' s the normal phenomenon when you see nearly imperceptible suspension of particles in the water, that substance is special supplied for keeping the stableness of water quality.
4. Keep away from children.
5. Sealed and stored in a cool and dry place.

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Phone Number:626-4781-384
Fax Number:626-4781-384
Address:4301 E Valley Blvd #D3
Los Angeles 90032, California
United States
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